Business Process Management Tools

Business Process Management Tools research study

Advice on how to fill out the questionnaires:

  1. Questionnaires
    There are two different questionnaires for the research study. The first questionnaire is for basic information about the provider and the product as well as for analyzing the market of BPM tools macro economical. The second questionnaire is for gaining technical and functional information about the BPM tools.

  2. General
    To be able to use the technical/functional questionnaire in Excel2003, macros have to be enabled.

  3. Comment
    Most of the answering options are based on fixed drop-down lists. If you choose “Other” you can provide individual answers in the comment field. Furthermore the comment field is available for all questions in case you feel like giving additional information or constraints when answering a yes-no question or whenever you want to provide an answer that is not part of the drop-down list.

  4. How to complete
    The questionnaire is designed such that it helps keeping track of processing. The answered questions are automatically counted up and the color of the category row will change to <green> once all questions of a category have been answered.

    For some questions comments have been added to help specify certain aspects of the question.
Questionnaire - macroeconomics (english)
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [28.0 KB]
Questionnaire: technical - functional (english)
Microsoft Excel-Dokument [103.5 KB]

Business process management (BPM) tools are an essential factor of success for the future shaping of enterprises. The transformation of companies from longtime and neartime into realtime enterprises is one of the substantial challenges. This implies growth for the software providers on the BPM market as well as investments by the companies that are restructuring to become realtime enterprises.

With this research study the focos transfer centre wants to help safeguard investment decisions. Besides this study we run reaserch studies (in the sense of market analyses) about corebanking and portfolio management. Thereby we develop product portfolios with severel hundreds of criteria that support decision makers selecting products.